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E-mail or call if you are interested in placing an order.
(267) 235-5820

Net 30 accounts will be established for regular customers. First orders are all prepay.

All orders are shipped UPS. Depending on your location, the UPS and packing fees tend to be round 15%, but it can get up to 20% of the order if there are lots of large pieces.

Wholesale orders
Call me. (267) 235-5820. We can go over an order together, and I can let you know my schedule. I make all the work myself, so it can be a bit of a wait, but I promise it’s worth it. Send me the order form that we’ve discussed, and keep a copy for yourself. When I’m ready to ship, I'll call, and you can send the check. The boxes will arrive shortly thereafter. I’m not hard and fast about minimums, but unless you have a really tiny shop, $500 is what it takes to have a really good presence.

Every shape comes in any of the ranges.

I’d recommend waiting on plates, although I can do a matching plate and bowl for a “chip and dip”. I also do bridal registry, so if you have that sort of clientele, you might want a dinner plate, dessert plate and bowl as an example.

I am known for my sense of color. I enjoy myself the most when I am glazing. When I enjoy myself, it comes through in the work. All of this is to say that it’s better to tell me what colors you DON’T like and let me put together a gorgeous combination than it is to tell me exactly what you do like.

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